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New at Emerge MD

Alma Duo for mens' sexual health restoration
A Revolutionary Treatment for Men
Introducing Alma Duo

Alam Duo is a quick and simple in-office treatment to enhance male erectile function, stimulating natural function to help bring spontaneity back to your life. 

Unlike OTHER devices out there, Alma Duo is completely pain-free. This quick procedure will have you in and out of the office in 15 minutes. A 6-treatment series is administered over the course of three weeks and most patients notice benefits fairly quickly in the process. 

NO topical anesthetic and no downtime

NO pills, NO needles, NO surgery 

Long lasting results clinically validated at least 2 years post treatment

PRP uses in Regenerative Medicine at our clinic

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Have You Experienced Frustration With Modern Medicine Being Unable To Provide The Relief Or Healing That You Need?

People are frustrated and hopeless as they struggle to live everyday with an injury. Restoration of sexual health is a topic overlooked by most physicians. Emerge MD addresses all aspects of regenerative medicine from tissue and ligament injury, arthritis, facial rejuvenation, hair restoration and sexual health issues.

By combining a patient's own platelet rich plasma with stem cells derived from live birth umbilical cord tissue, the result is exponential healing potential and repair. 

Injections are my expertise

Regenerative medicine uses platelet rich plasma as well as stem cells from umbilical cord tissue to stimulate your own body to heal itself with no synthetic fillers or additives.

The P shot or Priapus Shot

The purpose of the P-shot is to rejuvenate the penis and internal structures by using stem cells, platelet rich plasma(PRP) and growth factors. The treatment may improve erectile dysfunction, frequently increases length, girth and may increase sensitivity.

The PRP Orgasm shot and Vampire Wing Lift

Would you rather have surgery or a 20 minute office procedure that helps 95% of women with bladder leakage? The Vampire Wing Lift restores a plumper, more youthful look to the labia major.
Dermal Thread Lifting
The nonsurgical facelift that is taking the industry by storm is now being done at this office.

Lift and stimulate your own collagen production by the insertion of special sutures in a painless, quick, office procedure.

PDO Threads
By lifting the face and stimulating your own collagen production, special sutures inserted painlessly and quickly can transform your face in less than an hour

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Cryotext for Hair Growth

Injections into the scalp less than 14 days see new hair growth
after cyrotext injections

I am a board certified anesthesiologist practicing in Naples Florida for 20 years. Always being a perpetual learner, I felt compelled to use my skill set to allow me to actually heal patients instead of managing illness. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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Cryotext : Wharton's Jelly
Facial rejuvenation as well as joint/ injured tissue injections

Cryotext is used as replacement tissue that is inserted or implanted/applied into the joint or on the face to create conditions that encourage regeneration of anatomical infrastructure. 

Cryotext does not use any material obtained directly from the embryo or fetus. Cryotext has higher concentrations of peptides, hyaluronic acid and growth factors when compared to amniotic fluid suspensions. Cryotext is processed from human tissue, donated following full term, c-section deliveries, in accordance with the FDA.

Documented case studies include:

Muscular tears

Plantar fascitis and bone spurs

Rotator cuff tears

Meniscus and cartilage tears

Radicular and sacroiliac nerve pain

Large joints such as the hip, shoulder and knee

Facial rejuvenation after microneedling technique with wrinkles and crease elimination restoring full facial fullness 



Regenerative Medicine is a form of tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.

Here are just some of the benefits:

Long Lasting Pain Relief
Stimulates the body to produce cells and tissue that was damaged
Facial Rejuvenation
Why have synthetic fillers when you can use your own cells to grow new skin ?
Hair Restoration
PRP and stem cells provide nutrition and promote new blood supply to the follicle; increasing hair shaft size. Studies also show growth factors reduce inflammation in the scalp and turn on follicular stem cells
Restore Sexual Function
The P shot and O shot can restore lost intimacy by rejuvenating genitals and improving function in both men and women

Wellness is your best Defense!

The body is the most sophisticated thing on the planet, and to take care of it you need an expert on your side. At Emerge MD our non-surgical techniques help improve your overall wellness by facilitating the body to heal itself.
"Dr. Caprio's caring personality was only outdone by her wisdom.

Lisa has picked the right career! Lisa, thank you for all you did to help me get through a difficult time."
-Andy Dahlmann

"I am a colleague of Dr Caprio and I consider myself open to new things but skeptical.
She was very thorough and professional, needless to say I was very impressed and felt  improvement within 24 hours which continues 3 weeks later.  I am already looking forward to my second visit."
-Michael Barile, MD

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