With the proliferation of independent media there really is no excuse for the individual to not be his or her own health advocate. People have the ability to explore with no censorship other ideas of how to sustain health. The alternative is to be the victim of conventional medicine. Traditionally trained allopathic doctors like myself studied organs and their diseases. We never learned about nutrition, genetics or lifestyle medicine. American medical schools are largely funded by big pharm who also is the major contributor to research at academic institutions.Watch any amount of TV and count how many drug commercials are aired and you realize that main stream media is 70% subsidized by big pharm. It’s taken me 25 years in private practice to discover how rigged the system is. Initially it began with my curiosity with nutrition and how it affected my health. It takes an intimate personal encounter with this broken system for a practitioner to realize its failure to heal and its dogmatic approach to disease. As a culture we’ve been indoctrinated with the belief that as we age our health inevitably declines. Who says and why do we buy into this lie? As an industry, we physicians fall into the trap of treating symptoms instead of uncovering root cause. The typical conventionally trained doctor is practicing on information that is 30 years old and doesn’t have time or incentive to think outside of the paradigm of managing disease, rather than reversing it or optimizing health. Doctors have given up their power to the system that controls them and patients have given up their power to professionals who don’t even know them. They’ve fallen prey to the moralistic lens that says we know better than you.

If we don’t own our own health, someone else will. I see this happening daily as I review patients medications before anesthesia and most don’t even know why they are taking those meds or their side effects. Ninety percent of chronic disease is reversible and lifestyle mediated. How many doctors tell patients that? Most are managing disease with pharmaceuticals that cause a whole different set of problems. Simply put: the human body is capable of maintaining itself (homeostasis). The largest exposure to toxins is the food we ingest every single day. To think that nutrition doesn’t affect health and disease is truly naive and dogmatic. Autoimmune diseases, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, acne, infertility, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and just about every disorder the human body experiences results from inflammation. And that inflammation starts in the gut via intestinal permeability. We now know about the microbiome and its effect on the brain and every single cell in our bodies. The old science just doesn’t apply any more.

I believe there is a collective uprising of people who see through the facade and are beginning to feel the subtle but real mind control going on in our health culture. The numbers don’t lie and lifestyle diseases affecting people younger and younger are causing people to stop and not hand over their power to the establishment that claims they know better. You know yourself best. Educate yourself. Read the inserts on any of the medications prescribed to you and inform yourself before you consent to anything. There are valuable podcasts, You tube channels, websites and social media sites that are trying to educate and inform the public. While they are still uncensored, I urge everyone to own themselves because your doctor is not your mommy.

Lisa Caprio

Lisa Caprio


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