The COV-19 pandemic is an event. How people have reacted and responded to it has created a narrative that is unprecedented. I have pondered and observed and refrained from written comment for a month. These are my conclusions, not be confused with my criticisms.

As a citizen, I don’t know the etiology of this virus. I can only surmise from reading available sources that it originated in WuHan China. Was it intentionally released as a bioweapon, or was it actually zoological transmission from bats to humans? The answer to that question I may never know. From the data, it appears the virus spreads quickly from person to person and varies widely in its contagion and manifestation from host to host. Governments reacted by restricting travel, quarantining citizens, and becoming the mouthpiece for disseminating information. The results have been inconclusive at best. The only thing I can conclude is: FEAR is pandemic.

At what point do individuals relinquish their rights to decide what’s best for themselves? At what point do citizens allow their government officials to take away their civil liberties? When did elected officials begin to know better than we do about ourselves? When we gave them that power. I believe in America it started in the late 70’s when we allowed the government to tell us how and what to eat. The machinery that has evolved into what we call Healthcare, is really a massive multi billion dollar industry that controls people by fear, peer shaming, old science, manipulation and control. Doctors like myself who have woken up to this corrupt system take the risk of being ostracized, excluded and literally laughed into the crazy file. I actually believe that 1)patients know themselves best 2)the body is a complex system of interrelated parts that works in concert to fully sustain and thrive at life without the interference of external forces 3)healthcare should support the systems that breakdown (usually by stress and consumption of food that’s not really food) by education and supplementation on a functional level 4)adding pharmaceuticals to alleviate symptoms does not enable to the body to heal itself, of which it’s quite capable 5)the mind is not separate from the body.

My recommendations are simple: live your life according to what you intuitively feel is best for you without the influence of the mainstream media. I have never been ill in 25 years, without the flu shot I’ve never contracted the flu, never missed a day of work due to sickness, practice sensible hygiene, spend time outdoors as much as possible, meditate and set aside time to unplug from technology, support my immune system with nourishing food free of processing, incorporate movement into everyday, prioritize sleep, and invest in healthy relationships with people. How simple is that? I’m an anesthesiologist in close contact with people everyday for nearly 3 decades, I’m not doing anything different despite the scare tactics being thrown at me. I’m not afraid of a virus. I am afraid of tyranny.

Don’t lose yourself to fear. Health can be found in the simplest of ways.

Lisa Caprio

Lisa Caprio


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