We are now five months into the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. It's fascinating to observe the events and reactions that have ensued. I have gone from doubting the reality of the virus to believing that an exosome of RNA does exist, called SARs2. I've done an exhaustive amount of reading from many sources, most of which require a medical background to decipher. I've seen the media circus surrounding this topic and have concluded that there is a concerted effort to inflame this disease beyond reasonable, scientific and logical evidence. I cannot agree that one doctor should advise 350 million people. I cannot endorse the suppression of doctors who disagree with this one doctor and his recommendations. Technology platforms that determine what is true or false and remove information based on one narrative, is a violation of the first amendment. Not everyone has to agree. Since when has an individual lost his or her ability to discern what is true or false? We don't need tech or politicians or journalists to tell us what to believe. This shift of power from individual civil liberties to big government and big tech is the most disturbing aspect of this pandemic to me. 

In case anyone is mistaken, Covid-19 is not alive. It cannot cause fear. What I see is the revelation of the entire world's fear that has been exposed. Only an individual can create fear. Not a virus. Furthermore, fear is a choice.

There are many hotly debated topics surrounding this virus. Masks, social distancing, hydroxycholorquine, modes of transmission, etc, etc. What is not up for debate is the evidence of who has succumbed to this disease, and who is at risk for delterious complications. It is clear, that a compromised immune sysytem from a myriad of co-morbidties is directly correlated to death. The compromise can result from many factors, of which I will not go into now. Healthy individuals with an intact immune system do not die from this disease. 

Given these facts, I suggest a paradigm shift. Instead of putting on the boxing gloves and punching hard at this exogenous invader, why not fortify the host? Instead of going after disease, why aren't we creating health? Is it because we operate in an antiquated model of healthcare that addresses disease by throwing chemicals(pharmaceuticals) at the symptoms and ignoring the root cause? 

If there's one thing this global pandemic has revealed, it's the devastating amount of people who are not healthy and caring for themselves. No one seems to have the courage to address the elephant in the room. Neither government nor your doctor are responsible for you. As a collective, the global population has to stop living as if death is not a part of life. Realize poor choices have consequences, and take personal responsibility for the health of your body and the planet. We can't go on abusing the planet, abusing resources, abusing our bodies and disconnecting from the very life essence that sustains us. The response to Covid-19 is a collective awakening, to show us how we've been living in denial. 

My goal is to influence people to create a health plan. Every organ system in our body has the sophisticated machinery to heal itself. We don't need to fight the myriad of exogenous sources that will inevitably always attack us. What we need is to support our bodies so we can successfully sustain life on this planet. Instead of the 2 trillion dollars that was spent on an offensive strategy, including the pending vaccine, why not spend even a fraction of that on defending the source? When the body is in balance, in complete harmony, all systems are capable. My passion is to restore that balance, create health, and as a consequence, heal disease. 


Lisa Caprio

Lisa Caprio


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