In the 1970’s the government conducted a huge experiment using an entire population of mostly healthy people that resulted in misinformation and lies becoming truth. Cholesterol causes atherosclerosis: we’ve heard it from the media, doctors, friends and family, to the point where the degree of repetition makes it seem true. The George McGovern Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs initially focused on poverty and malnutrition but ended up issuing government policy in 1980, that for the first time in the history of the world, told an entire population what to eat. In an effort to battle heart disease, stroke, cancer and obesity, they suggested the consumption of less fat, less salt, fewer calories and more polyunsaturated fat. In 1970, 1.5 million people were diabetic contrasted to the 30 million that are diabetic today. Over 100 million are pre diabetic in a population where 40% of us are obese. WTH????? 

I don’t believe the government was intentional in causing harm but they were complicit. Here is the truth: THERE IS NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE TO PROVE EATING SATURATED FAT CAUSES HEART DISEASE. Now we find ourselves in a precarious situation where institutions such as the American Heart Association, Big Pharm, Big Food, NIH, research universities, etc who all welcome people who think alike, must confront skeptics who come along from the outside and say I think you’re wrong. We are now in an age of emergent information, individually funded researchers, and freely flowing information that debunks dietary dogma, making it all the harder for those institutions and industries to back out of this and say we were wrong. 

So we’re fat, sick and ignorant because of bad science.? In a nutshell, yes. 

A persuasive pathologist at the University of Wisconsin by the name of Ancel Keys in the 1950’s was the first to propose the diet-heart hypothesis. He said if you eat saturated fat it would give you a heart attack. He noted studies that documented high cholesterol was present in those with heart disease. But did cholesterol cause heart disease? There is a massive difference between correlation and causation. He studied 22 countries and published results showing the more calories people ate from fat the greater the chance of heart attack. He excluded all other variables and conveniently cherry picked 7 countries whose results fit his hypothesis and excluded the other 15 calling it the infamous 7 Countries Study. This got him onto the American Heart Association’s nutrition committee and within one year in 1961, he got them to publish the first ever advice in the world telling people not to eat fat. Before this time, fat was not feared. Now due to timing, bad luck, no evidence to support it, and an entire industry that responded to the money to be made, fat is the bad guy. 

Dietary dogma takes on a religious intensity these days. Each group advocates what they believe is the correct way for humans to eat. Anyone who questions their dogma threatens the fabric of their reality. My advice is to not look to any group for your identity. Eating a high fat, low carb diet won’t give you heart disease despite what your doctor tells you. The facts are out there. Don’t rely on your doctor, your friends, social media, government or anyone to influence your health. Fat is not to be feared!

For the complete history of how we became so unhealthy watch FAT: A Documentary by Vinnie Tortorvich

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