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Empowering our community with health and wellness.

At Emerge MD our goal with every client is to provide a better quality of life with proven techniques. We understand the frustration and fear that can come with surgery and prescription drugs, and we strive to provide a quality alternative that provides fast, long lasting, and impactful wellness.

Meet Dr. Lisa Caprio

I am a board certified anesthesiologist practicing in Naples Florida for 20 years. Always having an insatiable interest in learning, I felt compelled to use my skill set to facilitate healing.

I am launching this company to serve clients in regenerative medicine. Through new technologies there are now treatments that may enhance your own body's natural ability to heal. Regenerative medicine is used for the management of pain, sports injuries, hair loss, to combat the signs of aging, and to restore sexual function in both males and females.


The PRP shot is a procedure that uses your own body's healing and rejuvenating factors-stem cells and growth factors found in platelet rich plasma-to heal an area. The benefits of the PRP shot or O shot are: 1) Resolution or improvement of stress incontinence or bladder leakage 2)Improved sensation in the genital area during sex 3)More frequent and intense orgasms 4)Improved vaginal moisture 5)Decrease pain with sex 6)Improves desire The vampire Wing Lift is a procedure that is very similar to the PRP or O shot that rejuvenates the external labia. The Vampire Wing Lift uses platelet rich plasma and a hyaluronic acid filler to allow your body's regenerative powers to produce a more youthful appearance to the genitalia. Another major benefit is that it will markedly increase the sensitivity in the area thus enhancing feeling during sex.


The treatment may improve erectile function. Frequently there is an increase in length and girth of the penis. The exact mechanism is complex, but the stem cells and growth factors stimulate growth of vessels and other tissue in the penis. The procedure begins with a blood draw from the arm. The blood is processed and the platelet rich plasma is isolated. Stem cells from umbilical cord tissue are added to the PRP. A topical as well as local anesthetic block are used to numb the penis. Then the mixture is injected into the penis and the patient feels no pain but rather a full sensation. There is no recovery time and sexual activity may resume immediately. Results are seen over the next days and full effects noticed at three months.

Facial Microneedling with Stem cell injections and PRP

The Skin Pen is the premiere FDA approved device for facial micro needling. Microneedling causes abrasions to the epidermis with intentional temporary damage to the surface thereby signaling your body to heal itself and form new collagen and lay down new networks of cells. The results are tighter, smoother and more youthful looking skin. It helps remove sun spots, scarring and damaged areas of the skin. The addition of PRP and stem cells after micro needling boosts the body's ability to regenerate exponentially. The result is a younger looking face with more volume, turgor and smooth texture. Why use synthetic fillers when you can use all natural cells from your own body combined with umbilical cord derived stem cells to boost your body's regenerative power? Results last up to 9 months and most people notice changes within a week.

Hair Restoration

By injecting your own Platelet Rich Plasma combined with biotin and umbilical cord stem cells, hair growth is possible. Results are seen at 3 months and continue for a year. Three seasons are required each one month apart.

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

Consult and blood draw to obtain hormone levels are done at the initial free consult. Depending on symptoms and hormone levels, bio identical hormone pellets are placed in the subcutaneous fat of the buttock at the follow up appointment. Results can be immediate and last up to 3-4 months in females and 5-6 months for males. Maintaining optimal hormone levels through pelleted hormones is often correlated to satisfactory sexual health and therefore should be in collaboration with the O and P shot.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Injections

Shoulders, knees, backs, finger joints, achilles tendons, plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow are just some of the areas that benefit from prp and stem cells stimulating the body's regenerative ability to heal itself.
How Does Regenerative Medicine Work?

Cells are the building blocks of tissue, and tissues are the basic unit of function in the body. Generally, groups of cells make and secrete their own support structures, called the extracellular matrix. This matrix, or scaffold, does more than just support the cells; it also acts as a relay station for various signaling molecules. Thus, cells receive messages from many sources that become available from the local environment. 

Each signal can start a chain of responses that determine what happens to the cell. Through medical technology we can now understand how individual cells respond to signals, interact with their environment and organize themselves into a healing process. Scaffolds are created utilizing various regenerative medicine therapies allowing for the regrowth of cells and tissues. 

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